Concept D


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Concept D: Paint Polish Program

This concept draws the two recent options for the site together: the ‘Paint Polish Programconcept for the Civic Hall presented by Village Well in 2012, and the Central Library extension with multilevel car-park presented by Flightpath Architects in 2013. The proposal for simple renovation of the Civic Hall is for little to no structural changes and could start immediately. This vision is reported to have received the most support in the previous community consultation process. (Although on close count it received similar support as adaptive reuse.) The proposal for the Central Library extension stretches across the North of the site on one level, including a multi-cultural and youth hub, a caféand occasional care.


The Paint Polish Program option seeks to reactivate the site quickly, through a clean-up, creative programming of the Civic Hall buildings and a lick of paint. The focus here is on minor improvements such as upgraded acoustics, lighting and furniture with major rethinking about community uses, organisations, and activities.

Concept D suggests that there is still an option for the site that includes no commercial development and no change to the Civic Hall, however it stands in contrast to the other concepts and needs more design.