Concept F


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Concept F: Connect Across

This concept explores activation across the site through an East-West public indoor-outdoor space, and continuation of the Fly Tower height to Armstrong Street. The North is reserved for an expanded Central Library with multi-storey car-parking, and a new North-East civic plaza entrance towards the Railway Station via Market Street. In this concept the Main Hall would be entered from the sides and include a removable roof for large open air concerts spanning the full width of the site. A raised landscape offers the inside and outside experiences a continuous walkable surface. The setback on Mair St is maintained for a long Civic Plaza and a large restaurant reusing the Foyer.


In this masterplan prominent street frontages are reserved for commercial uses to increase land value and provide street activity. Two-storey retail shops and eateries form the edges of Armstrong and Doveton Streets. The tall East-West development forms a bookend and a street address for offices, and a hotel – which could benefit from access to the Main Hall, a redesigned Lower Hall and public activity on the site.


Concept F suggests that major site developments could take advantage of the existing height of the Fly Tower, and that the Civic Hall could be adapted with different entrances and a mix of public and private uses.