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  • commented on 300 to 10 - Gathering 2015-01-09 16:54:54 +1100
    The Ballarat Civic Hall is an ICON, a very solid building, unpretentious, but is the soul of Ballarat. It has many uses for hiring out for music, plays, educational, debates, and community meeting that Ballarat needs far more of, so we have more of a community spirit through these get together and voicing our opinions and problems, it could be hired to sporting functions, religious groups etc.
    The coming years are very formidable, with falling resource prices and our large car manufacturers closing and still many refugees and migrants coming to Australia in these impoverished times. We need to back local manufacturing of which one Ballarat was the hub of heavy manufacturing at the turn of the 19th Century. We need people to come together and discuss creating employment and putting our heads and skills together to make again Ballarat the Eureka of Democracy against the tide of Globalism that has disbanded so many manufacturers in Australia fro almost slave labor overseas. We due to our isolation need manufacturing, we cannot depend just on resources and the service industry. We need Ballarat to be the flagship for the nation….because who else could, we have got so much talent here.